About Us

about1HEASLIP ASSOCIATES consultants in business success strategy 

provides expertise, strategic processes and consulting services to elevate and enhance the skills and effectiveness of business leaders and management teams ... helping them to identify, understand, plan and effectively address key strategic directional, management and operational issues facing their company.
Our clients rely on our integrity, professionalism and expertise to assist in meeting their business goals. We help business leaders to get the best out of themselves and others. We lead and facilitate strategy development sessions to help our clients develop a compelling Vision of Success, clear business positioning, direction and strategy ... and a pragmatic, empowering Strategic Action Plan to address the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing business environment and achieve exceptional business results. As well, HEASLIP ASSOCIATES is often retained to address a range of specific strategic business issues and opportunities.
about2We value and nurture our client relationships ... an alliance through which we work with you towards a common goal: achieving the best possible results for your business

Our commitment to business excellence means that we are constantly seeking ways to improve our business practice and deliver more value-added service to our clients. We listen and respond to client feedback about our processes, people and results.
We are proud of our record in helping client companies be their best and achieve their business and personal goals and dreams.


Our philosophy:
Strive for Excellence