Speaking Engagements

speaking1David Heaslip is a highly regarded key-note speaker and seminar leader for conferences, business functions, strategic planning and team-building events.

The following topics can be tailored to provide an effective and entertaining talk or more detailed seminar:

Leadership & Strategy: "Best Practices"

The key challenges to effective business leadership and their link to and impact on business strategy and ultimate business results are reviewed and analyzed.

A set of principles and best practices are presented with examples and case studies to help participants identify and understand how the power of leadership for strategy development and optimal business results.

Business Leadership:
Inspire Your Team to Achieve Your Vision of Success

In this seminar, presented in concert with Leadership Insight, participants will gain insight into characteristics of effective leaders and will learn practical coaching strategies for motivating and empowering your team.

Based on Ken Blanchard's book The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams, participants will learn how to 'let go, so others can get going' (empowerment) and take ownership of their performance. The steps toward empowering others begin with setting the company vision, goals and roles; diagnosing the stage of development; and selecting the appropriate leadership style. Once this is in place, a manager needs to clarify goals and expectations and provide ongoing, positive reinforcement.

Understanding what attributes make a great leader is essential for developing key leadership competencies. Understanding what leadership is not is also helpful. Recent research on leadership competencies will be presented.

Participants have an opportunity to complete a short quiz to assess their leadership effectiveness and/or style.

A Guide to Strategic Action Planning:
Achieve Exceptional Business Results Through Planning that Really Works!

To be successful in today's highly competitive business environment, company leaders must develop a clear strategic vision for their company, identify the key business issues and challenges that the company must address, and create a corresponding plan of specific actions to deal with issues and achieve the company's vision of success.

The seminar provides an understanding of strategic process concepts and benefits and provides a pragmatic results-focused approach to the Strategic Action Planning process.

Marketing Strategies for Improved Profitability:
Customer Relationship Management

This seminar provides a brief overview of a pragmatic strategic process for use by member companies and will then focus on the key strategic marketing issue Customer Relationship Management.

Specific tools and suggestions are presented that participants can implement virtually immediately to help their company develop, manage and enhance customer relationships to create more consistently profitable business results.